The Solution for ANII

+ Tailor-Made

+ DevOps

+ AWS Cloud

AWS Technology:

Amazon EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon RDS, AWS Lambda, AWS Organizations, AWS VPN, Amazon API Gateway

  • ANII

    The National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII) is a government entity that promotes research and the application of new knowledge to the productive and social reality of Uruguay.

    The ANII makes available to the public funds for research projects, national and international postgraduate scholarships and incentive programs for innovative culture and entrepreneurship, both in the private and public sectors.

    The ANII analyzed the National System of Researchers, a program of economic incentives for national researchers categorized based on a strict evaluation system.

    It also created the Timbó Portal, which allows free access to all kinds of scientific publications from all over the world for all Uruguayans. The ANII works as an articulation and coordination mechanism between the actors involved in the development of knowledge, research and innovation.

  • The challenge

    ANII has a wide variety of systems, web and mobile applications, which are accessed indistinctly and independently by its more than 80,000 users, including researchers, entrepreneurs and the general public.

    The challenge then, is to provide a continuous user experience, having a centralized point of registration, login and user data administration, which makes it possible to switch between applications without having to re-authenticate to any particular system. This solution also optimizes time in user management.

  • The Results

    With the SSO solution we optimized time devoted to administrative, operating and user support tasks by 50 percent.

  • By having a single register/login point spanning several platforms in ANII's ecosystem, users saved between 100 to 800 percent of the time spent registering or loggin in, depending on the number of platforms they accessed.

  • Unifying access to ANII's ecosystem into a sole point of entry allowed for the concentration of security efforts at a single point, thus reducing cybersecurity tasks by 800 percent.