The Solution for Avedian Platform

+ Tailor-made

+ DevOps & SRE

+ AWS Cloud

AWS Technology:

Amazon Aurora, AWS CodePipeline, Amazon RedShift, Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda

  • Avedian, health management solutions

    Avedian is a company that develops technological solutions for the use of Related Diagnostic Groups in the clinical economic management of health institutions. They also implement payments and contracting models based on results.

    They help doctors and health managers develop Value-Based Healthcare attention models, optimizing the decision-making process.

  • The challenge

    Create and scale Avedian's technology ecosystem with a performance-focused approach, through the integration of different solutions aiming to improve patient care and to optimize the costs of treatment.

  • The Results

    We optimized the time taken by the ingestion of gigabyte-sized Excel files into the platform — reducing it from 4+ hours to 15 minutes — added consistency and data checks, and crafted a better experience for end-users.

  • Detailed monitoring and new metrics are continuously generated to help expedite technical and business responses to all kinds of events

  • As new hospitals and other healthcare institutions are added to the ecosystem each quarter, the platform automatically scales up as needed, without affecting user experience and ensuring data availability in real time.