The Solution for Plexus-Bioerix

+ DevOps


+ AWS Cloud

  • Plexus-Bioerix

    Bioerix is a company that represents, distributes and markets equipment and products for medical use. One of its lines of business is to provide all the infrastructure needed for the accurate operation of clinical laboratories. In particular, they provide their customers with a laboratory management system, called Plexus Raptor.

  • The challenge

    Maintain and scale the infrastructure on which the Plexus system runs, ensuring performance, guaranteeing the reliability, speed and confidentiality of the clinical analysis results managed through the Plexus platform, so that laboratories provide quality service to their end users.

  • The Results

    We optimized the time taken to verify a sample result from 8+ minutes to less than a minute on average.

  • Automatizing RAPTOR's infrastructure monitoring brought the system failure rate down to 0.

  • Plexus platform now has a detailed monitoring system befitting Bioerix's service quality excellence, counting its laboratories among the most modern ones in South America.