The Solution for BoxIT

+ Tailor-made

+ DevOps & SRE

+ AWS Cloud

AWS Technology:

Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Sever, Amazon RDS, Application Load Balancing

  • BoxIT

    BoxIT is a self-storage company which offers secure and clean storage units in a range of sizes for customers to store their belongings for as long as they need. Storage units are rented to tenants, who will find them ideal for storing possessions in one-off situations as moving or extended vacations, or simply for storing infrequently used items which take up space at home.

    They also offer solutions for all kinds of companies who need to store excess inventory, equipment or archives. Moreover, BoxIT has a franchise-based business model which allows for the expansion of their facilities.

  • The challenge

    BoxIT needed to improve its overall release time of new features on its web sites and management systems. They were spending a huge amount of time on manual tasks, solving problems after deploying new versions, as well as using expensive and outdated on-premises infrastructure.

    The increasing complexity of the end client's systems simply overwhelmed their workflow. If BoxIT had not decided to address the issue, they would be spending more time solving problems rather than focusing on generating value for their customers.

  • The Results

    After the pipeline was put to work, there has not been a single manually-pushed deployment to the testing environment, since all deployments are done automatically. This translates into several advantages for the company and its products.

  • Reduced time to market of the new features. Improvements in both development cycle and product quality, as build and testing issues are discovered at least twice as fast than before.

  • 60% less time spent on manual code merge and deployment tasks by the operations team.