The Solution for MUS, Music Streaming App

+ Tailor-made

+ DevOps & SRE

+ AWS Cloud

AWS Technology:

Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server, Amazon RDS, Amazon Dynamo DB, AWS Lambda

  • MUS

    MUS is the first music streaming app made in Uruguay (“the Uruguayan's Spotify”), which prioritizes and promotes local music and culture through a very extensive library of songs and playlists. MUS is an essential tool for the growth of the music industry, entertainment and local culture.

  • The challenge

    Implement diverse systems, reliable applications and a performant architecture which provides a solid foundation and is capable of scaling to meet business needs, allowing for an optimal user experience and optimizing MUS's operating costs.

  • The Results

    By migrating the content catalogue to AWS, we obtained a 400% improvement in average search response time.

  • In a catalogue of 60 million tracks, the average search response time was reduced to 100 milliseconds.

  • There is low server maintenance: only five hours are required per month to maintain 10 EC2 instances and no production server has needed rebooting since the launch two years ago.