The Solution for Nuevo Siglo


+ Tailor-Made

+ AWS Cloud

AWS Technology:

Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon Dynamo DB, AWS Lambda

  • Nuevo Siglo

    Nuevo Siglo is a cable television company, born in 1995, whose mission is to provide all households in Montevideo with the best programming in the world, seeking to add the most value to their clients with their product, their service and the human quality of their staff.

  • The challenge

    Create a georeferenced alarm system to swiftly identify potential issues, thus improving service quality and optimizing customer support costs for Nuevo Siglo.

  • The Results

    The time between issues arise and their detection was reduced to 12 minutes, allowing Nuevo Siglo's maintenance team to discover the problem before their clients make a complaint.

    By monitoring 10.000 points in real time, we created an interactive visualization so as to quickly classify issues and their eventual repair protocols.

  • For complex issues, tracking individual clients resulted in a reduction of up to 80% of the time needed to deliver a solution and enabled further monitoring of each case, thus avoiding subsequent complaints.

  • We can provide more data on user experience. It is now possible to know whether users enter numbers or use the arrow buttons to switch channels, which customer uses the menu button, as well as which channel is the most popular, etc.