The Solution for UTEC

+ DevOps


+ AWS Cloud

  • UTEC

    UTEC is a proposal for public education with a technological profile, which was born with the aim of expanding the University's tertiary offer in the interior of Uruguay, fostering links with the productive environment and promoting the country's social and cultural development.

  • The challenge

    Restructure the infrastructure supporting the Technology University's various systems and train UTEC's IT team so as to maximize the time devoted to infrastructure maintenance, optimizing operating costs and ensuring the University's diverse systems run with optimal performance.

  • The Results

    UTEC cut the amount of users with access to different AWS resources by 50%.

  • We managed to reduce AWS costs by 20% through the redistribution of EC2 instances.

  • By training UTEC's IT team, BigCheese helped optimize the time they devoted to security tasks, infrastructure definition and AWS cost management.