DevOps & SRE

DevOps (Development & Operations) was born to improve all stages of the software construction processes, improving change responsiveness, shortening release cycles, and enhancing resilience.
Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) aims to develop automated solutions for on-call monitoring, performance and availability, disaster response and capacity planning.
Both are supported by highly automated environments and a cooperative team culture.

Putting these practices and tools in place in your teams, products, process or company will take your performance to the next level, and we know we can get you there.


  • CI/CD Pipeline

    You can continuously and automatically merge and deploy your code, making your application production-ready at all times, as well as avoiding wait times and error-prone manual tasks.
    Give it a try with any of the widely-used CI/CD tools: CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, Jenkins, TravisCI, CircleCI, Gitlab CI/CD, Github Actions.

  • Code quality and code security

    Use the best tools available in the market to check your code at early stages, measuring code quality and searching for common vulnerabilities even before the application is built.
    Add automated code analysis tools to your development pipeline and improve the quality and security of your products just by adding the right tools to the process.

  • Cloud guidance & best-practices

    Cloud adoption continues to increase as agile development, rapid deployment, and unlimited scale become the new normal for customers of all industries, sizes, and geographies.
    Create and manage your infrastructure in an elastic and cost-effective way, reduce your hardware expenses and gain the competitive edge by having a flexible infrastructure.

  • Infrastructure as code

    Every piece of your application architecture should be documented, versioned, and repeatable by any member of your team. This also includes your infrastructure.
    Provision servers and cloud resources automatically, reducing person-dependent tasks and bottlenecks, while scaling up or down your platform when needed.

Site Reliability Engineering

  • Platform monitoring

    In order to improve your systems, you first need to understand the operational issues and costs of your architecture in detail.
    Our own 4-layer monitoring platform can provide visibility at all levels (infrastructure, base services, application and business KPIs).
    Customized dashboards and metrics for each team show what matters most depending on who asks: developers, the operations team or board members.

  • Database performance

    Often, application performance troubleshooting points to poor database designs or non-existent maintenance on congested DBMS.
    Our team of experienced DBAs can find your DB bottlenecks and improve your system's performance. Let us work on maintenance plans to maximize your database efficiency and pre-empt future issues.

  • APM

    Which line of code is causing all the delays? Where is my application stuck at? Which components are slowing down my response time? APM tools provide us with visibility and instrumentation at code level, no matter the language. We will dig into your running bytes and provide insights for improving your system's efficiency.

  • Right size your infrastructure

    Many times the easy way out of a performance issue is adding more hardware to the equation. But that issue will eventually come back when you least expect it.
    Improving system efficiency will also impact your infrastructure costs, and may dramatically reduce your spend on oversized resources.