GIS, Geo Information System

GIS is a framework for gathering, managing, and analyzing data. Rooted in the science of Geography, it integrates several types of data. It analyzes spatial location and organizes layers of information into visualizations using maps and 3D scenes.

  • Insights for Sales

    Geographic hyper-segmentation is an accurate tool employed to help optimize your marketing investment. The main aim of Insights for Sale is that you can visualize geographic patterns in an interactive map by crossing variables in your database.

  • Insights for Management

    When it comes to making decisions, having high quality information is paramount. Think of all the data your company holds and how you are harnessing them. With a GIS solution you can play with various layers of information on a map in search of powerful insights, thanks to your company's big data.

  • Insights for Fidelization

    Are you aware of how your clients and sales are distributed across neighborhoods? Where do your best customers live? BigCheese distributes your sales data graphically to help gain insight into your business, your job is to read the data.

  • Insights for Logistics and Transportation

    Visualizing your business logistics graphically allows you to reduce distribution costs. A GIS visualization system and its interaction with different layers of information on a map allows you and your team to visually identify opportunities for optimization.

How to unlock your GROGRAPHIC BIG DATA potential

  • Step 1


    First we gather the data, check what's useful, reliable and current, as well as the format it's in to prepare for the next step: integrating your BIG DATA into a single environment.

  • Step 2


    Then we have to combine the different datasources, adapt the technologies and find a way to build cross datasource metrics. Next we add the data to a map as layers.

  • Step 3


    Now that we have the data in map layers, it's time to play with them and look for patterns and trends in the data. In this stage, we have to formulate hypotheses so we can proceed to analyze them in depth.

  • Step 4


    The last step is key to giving meaning to all the previous work. Now it's your turn to test the hypotheses to reach the goal: gaining insights which generate added value to your business management.

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